Learn to develop Modern Design GUI Program in Python using PyQt5 Framework

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Installation and Set up

Download and install the latest version of Python in your system and if you already had…

Here are some Python hidden features that you have probably never heard of.

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1# — Dictionary Get()

As you know Dictionaries in Python are one of the built-in data types for storing data with key and values pairs. Sometimes programs got a key error if the required key is found in the dictionary. …

Awesome JavaScript hacks that you have probably never heard of

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1. Shortening console.log

The developer always loves to save their time but writing console.log, again and again, is sometimes a pain. But this following hack will show you how to shorten your console.log. Have a look at below snippet code.

// Shortening Console Log//example 1
var c = console.log.bind(document)
c("Hello to JavaScript")
//example 2
var cl = console.log.bind(document)
cl("JavaScript Developer")

2. Smart Functions

Arrow functions are…

JavaScript Pro tips that will make you feel like a Pro Developer

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1. Quick Console.log

Get rid of writing console.log again and again and make it shorter by using the following code snippet.

// Quick Console.loglet c = console.log.bind(document)c('😄😄😄')c('This is JavaScript')c(true)c(234)

2. Arrow Functions

Arrow functions trick will make your life easier by shortening your functions definition. I mostly used this trick for making function implementation faster and easier to read…

Awesome Python hacks that you have probably never heard of

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1. Run Web Server

Do you want to run your own web server and share files between PC and Phone then here is the snippet code that will run a web server on any port using Python? You can set the port from range 0 to 65353.

# Run Web Serverpython -m http.server 8000

To get rich, you have to be making money while you’re asleep.

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To get rich, you have to be making money while you’re asleep

— David Bailey

1.💡JavaScript Open-Source

You have some JavaScript skills and you are still learning them. But why not start a small open-source JavaScript program? This open-source program will be free for everyone and you can earn money by getting support from the users on a monthly update basis.

List of Useful JavaScript Snippets You can understand immediately

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JavaScript is the duck tape of the Internet

— charlie campbell

1. Repeat a String without Loop

This JS Snippet will show how to repeat a string without using any loop. We will use JS built method to repeat() by passing a number in it which will act as number copies you need.

//Old Methodfor(var i = 0; i<5; i++)

Don’t stay in bed unless you can make money in bed

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Don’t stay in bed unless, You can make money in bed

— George Burns

Teach Python Course

If you have Python programming skills, why not teach a Python course online? There are many people around the Internet looking for a good Python course. You can become their instructor, teach them and earn a decent amount of income. You don’t need any certificate or degree to teach anyone online. I’m going to mention two ways to teach Python online.

Useful Python one-liner Snippets to solve any coding problem in just one line

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1# — For Loop in One Line

For loop is a multi-line statement, But in Python, we can write for loop in one line using the List Comprehension method. Let take an example of filtering values that are lesser than 250. Check out the Below code example.

#For loop in One linemylist = [100, 200, 300, 400, 500]#Orignal way
result = []
for x in mylist…

Digitizing, Generic Swapping, Hex_To_RGB, Print Same line Sort Dictionary, and many more useful snippets

python snippets
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1. Generic Swapping

I can…

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